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SymVerse Vision

SymVerse exists and serves at the pleasure of users and DApps.
Transactions are intuitively simple and easily performed. Execution is lightening fast and completely reliable. The production of new blocks is a cooperative process in which everyone participates and is therefore justly rewarded. SymVerse aspires to create a better world.

SymVerse Vision

SymVerse Approach

Blockchains can lead the way to a better world. To achieve this, however, technology must be upgraded while the philosophical foundations are strengthened. SymVerse adopts deeper socio-economic ideas and introduces revolutionary technical innovations.

SymVerse Approach

Socio-economic design
with applied game theory


Blockchain technology innovations
rooted in consilience


Evolutionary functional network
for long run sustainability


Cooperative ecosystem
respecting individual sovereignty


Forward-looking open architecture
maximizes future flexibility


Fractal network structure
encourages true decentralization


SymVerse is a decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain network. SymVerse seeks to usher in a new age of mainstream blockchain adoption through improvements in blockchain technology
for speed, scalability, simplicity, security (including safety), stackability, and sustainability.

Evolutionary functional decentralized network: SymNet

SymNet is a decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain network, designed to be flexible and capable of adopting new functions as needs arise in the future. Blockchain consumers and producers cooperate to achieve system robustness, growth, balance and evolution.

Lightning fast, non-manipulable consensus algorithm: SymSensus

SymSensus utilizes the power of strategically assigned veto right to design a new Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus algorithm that ensures the speediest agreement for uncorrupted blocks, while flawed blocks are rejected.

Multi-block blockchain for speed and function: SymChain

SymChain sorts different types of data into separate distinct blocks, which together form the SymBlock. The multi-block blockchain structure allows each block within SymBlock to carry less data and also simplifies data processing for faster operational speed.

Revolutionary data storage optimization technology: SymStack

SymStack consolidates all the transactions performed (and recorded in the chain of Mainblocks) up to a specified time. The resulting snapshot of the consolidated accounts is recorded in a distinct block, within SymBlock, and relieves the Mainblock from the need to carry constantly growing amounts of bulky data.

Replace smart contracts with Universal Transactions Processor: SymTrans

SymTrans will help usher in the mainstream use of blockchains. SymTrans uses the multi-block structure of SymChain to distinguish general transactions from contract-based transactions, and then sorting into basic categories. Ready-made templates trivialize the level of technical knowledge needed to formulate most transactions.

Flexible ID system allows lost accounts to be recovered: SymID

SymID introduces a convenient and functional ID system, which permits multiple accounts as well as control over compromised and recovery of lost accounts. The design of SymID anticipates future requirements imposed not only by various governments around the world, but also by community of blockchain users.

Full-fledged customer center to reach all the apps and services: SymWallet

SymWallet is a software which connects the user to everything on the network. More than a smart wallet, it serves as a net-explorer, app browser, cryptocurrency exchange, communication tool, and more. SymWallet is an instrument of equitable token distribution and sustainability.

Monetary stability: SymStabilizer

SymStabilizer adjusts the amount of the native currency SYM newly injected into the system, according to the level of economic activity as well as the demand for currency. The currency supply policy will smooth out excessive fluctuations in the exchange value of SYM.

Sharing fairly the rewards from coin supply and fees: SymReward

SymReward invites everyone to participate in the block production process and distributes new SYM to all participants equitably. Sharing rewards is not a competitive process and “rich get richer and poor get poorer” is a foreign concept in SymVerse.

Incentive compatible design for voluntary participation: SymMechanism

SymMechanism encourages voluntary actions on the part of all nodes to operate in ways to benefit not only the individual participants, but also the community of SymVerse users and the whole network system.


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SymVerse Roadmap