SymVerse, a blockchain mainnet platform company, announced on the 19th that it would launch its own blockchain wallet ‘Sallt’.

Sallt is a decentralized wallet where everyone has their sovereignty without a central administrator.

It has the versatility to support various types of cryptocurrencies, including various mainnet such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Symverse based tokens, and ERC-20 tokens, and uses a single password method for all terminals.

In addition, it is characterized by superior safety and security compared to existing cryptocurrency wallets by recovering accounts through Keystore storage and utilizing a distributed data storage method.

With the slogan of 'Blockchain made simple', Sallt, which advocates convenient use, safe asset management, and the industry's fastest speed (block confirmation speed of 1 second), blocks cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, remittance requests, account recovery, identity verification, and linking to dApp shopping malls.
‘Sallt’ aims for an integrated platform wallet with scalability that shares chain users.

Sallt wallet currently supports PC (Windows, Mac) and mobile (IOS, Android) versions and a Linux OS version will be released further on.

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