The Korea CEO Summit will hold ‘The 12th World Blockchain Summit Marbles Busan 2021’ under the main theme of ‘Marvelous, Blockchain City Busan’ at Nurimaru APEC House in Busan on the 7th.

Hosted by Korea CEO Summit and organized by The Marbles, the event is sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT and Busan Metropolitan City, and Seoul Metropolitan City.
The corporations include the Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association, the Korea Blockchain Startup Association, the Global FinTech Industry Promotion Center, and the Busan Economic Promotion Agency.

The main agenda of this conference consists of six programs.
▲Blockchain Free Regulation Zone Busan: Vision and Issues ▲Blockchain Business Model and Transaction Revolution ▲NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and Metaverse ▲Blockchain, The Next Step ▲Blockchain from a Humanities Perspective ▲Democracy and Blockchain Thematic presentations and discussions will be held.

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