Blockchain platform SymVerse and cryptocurrency exchange Probit announced on the 2nd of April that they have signed a Mainnet linkage agreement.

The two companies plan to explore cooperation plans and promote joint marketing activities to expand the ecosystem and improve the efficiency of cryptocurrency transactions.

With this agreement, SCT-21, a SymVerse Mainnet-based token (eg. SCT based Dapp token), is expected to be listed on the ProBit Exchange and can be traded freely.

SymVerse is a technology-intensive Mainnet company that has succeeded in separating multiple blockchains (Mainchain, ID-chain, Witness-chain, Oracle-chain), and is a company that has shown block confirmation and transaction speed beyond Visa Card of 1.39 seconds. Besides, Choi Soo-hyuk, CEO of SymVerse, is currently the chairman of the Korea Blockchain Startup Association and is in charge of the technical backbone of the DID Forum.

ProBit is a C2C cryptocurrency exchange that aims for globalization by establishing a digital asset exchange in major financial markets. ProBit’s matching engine is capable of matching more than 1.5 million orders per second, and is planning a customizable dashboard for traders, multilingual customer service, and future margin trading and ICO platforms.