Korea CEO Summit (KCS/Chairman Bong-Gyu Park) held the 1st CEO Summit Forum and Venture Startup Accelerator at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel on March 18.

Through this forum, KCS launched the ‘Accelerator Committee’ to carry out various programs such as fund investment for youth and venture/startup companies’ growth, corporate connection, marketing, mentorship, education, and public presentations to accelerate growth.

As the mentor/jury, Young-seop Joo, former head of the Small and Medium Business Administration, Hyung-ju Kim, Chairman of the Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association(KBIPA), Soo-hyuk Choi, Chairman of the Korea Blockchain Startup Association(KBSA), Se-hoon Kim, CEO of Phantom Accelerator, and Dae-hoon Lee, Partner at Sunil Accounting Firm.

Chairman Bong-gyu Park said, “Korea CEO Summit operates ‘Summit Club’, a new concept of ‘People community’ from the new year of 2021. ‘CEO Summit Forum’ will be held on the third Thursday of every month and very glad to be a driving force for helping member companies to share knowledge, networking, increase sales, and corporate growth by in charge of accelerating venture/startups and related tasks.”