“There is a wide wilderness of blockchain, and we are still standing at the entrance and thinking about what to do.”

Soo-hyuk Choi, president of the Korea Blockchain Startup Association, said in an interview with Token Post on the 1st.
Chairman Choi insisted that the diverse potential of blockchain technology should be utilized.
Besides, it is predicted that the spread of CBDC in China, Ethereum 2.0, asset securitization, DID, DeFi, decentralized exchange transactions between heterogeneous mainnet tokens, and diversification of local currency will be major issues in the future.

After majoring in economics at Yonsei University and Northwestern University in the United States, Soo-hyuk Choi, Chairman of the Association, served as a research fellow at the Institute of Information and Communication Policy and the leader of the information and communication team at ARTHER D. LITTLE Korea.
In 2018, he established SymVerse to develop a next-generation blockchain platform based on game theory, and is actively active in the blockchain field.