On the 2nd of the December, it was announced that the Bitcoin mining company Talas D.A Blockchain Factory and SymVerse have collaborated to launch the DeFi Bitcoin Yield Farming business.

Talas D.A has already been stably operating mining facilities in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan for 3 years, and is building additional facilities and equipment of 1 million tera hashes for the bitcoin cloud mining business.

Blockchain Factory designed Bitcoin Terra, a certificate of mining ability based on Tala's Tera hash, and a DeFi model that is exchanged for Bitcoins mined.

Existing DeFi profit farming models are mostly short-term lending services, but have a weakness that they are not sustainable. To overcome this, the three companies have developed a business model that can realize stable interest income for a long time.

The transaction of the mining capability certificate is used on the decentralized wallet-based SWAP exchange operating on the SymVerse Mainnet, and Bitcoin Terra (BTCT) will be listed on the affiliated centralized exchange in the future.

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