On the 7th, Korea CEO Summit held ‘The 9th Marvels Seoul 2020’ at the Le Meridien Hotel in Seoul with the main theme of ‘Untact Age, Talking of Blockchain & AI’.

In the final session of the event, domestic blockchain associations and academic experts attended and the panel discussion was held under the theme of ‘Prospects and strategies of blockchain in post-Corona 19’.

In the panel discussion, Hyung-Ju Kim, Chairman of the Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association, Choi Soo-Hyuk, Chairman of the Korea Blockchain Startup Association, and Park Soo-Yong, Chairman of the Korea Blockchain Society, were chaired by Professor Hyung-Jung Kim, a professor of information security at Korea University.

Chairman Soo-Hyuk Choi pointed out the tokenization (change in value in life), DID (individual privacy issue) and governance (change in the existing regulatory system) as three huge factors in the direction of blockchain technology development in the post-corona era.

The above three factors emphasize the need for a blockchain that is used and combined freely and predicted the tokenization of a decentralized joint system and the revitalization of the STO market.